Smoke and Mirrors

Come4Event and Margento Foundation
have the honor to invite you to the international event

Smoke and Mirrors
presented by

European Poetry Slam / Artist in Residence Tour

poetry, theater, music, painting, projections;
artists from Belgium, Germany, Romania, and the US

Saturday April 17, 9 PM, La Scena, the theater in the attic
55 Calea Calarasi

Entrance fee: 15 RON

Under the direction of Felix Römer, nine European poets and Ludwig Berger, the musician of the German experimental poetry slam band Großraumdichten, met for one very interesting week in Berlin. Their goal: sharing, mixing, discovering different approaches to words and stage creating an original piece. From this meeting emerges “Smoke and mirrors”, a 35 minutes performance at the frontier of spoken words, theater and music. Playing with words, styles and atmospheres, “Smoke and mirrors” explores the freakness of society thanks to a polyphonic and pluri-linguistic trip into poetry. Performed for the first time on the closing night of the European Poetry Slam Meeting the 3rd of October in Berlin, “Smoke and Mirrors” is on tour in 21 European cities in February, March and April, either in its full form or in a version adapted for three slammers and a musician.


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