EPS after party

… who else I will remember from The European Poetry Slam days: Marina Gingirof (from Margento), for her amazing voice and performance in the European Poetry Performance Night; Sandenkr (a member of La Tribu du Verbe) and Rada (Slovenia) from Ujonc & Saiid „Slam and Music” workshop; Helen Gregory, who told us more about slam in UK, US and beyond; Uros Prah (Slovenia), a really good slamer; Claude Io from Bruxelles (who was good enough to reach final, but the jury stopped her) from the qualifying  rounds; Ophelia (Ofelia Prodan) the „daughter of Shakespeare”, who decided to perform in english in the last moment (& without any preparation before), but her poetry sounded like russian more than english to me (I’m still wondering why :D);  Celine (for inviting me to a german poetry slam contest and for being so a nice host); Pauline Fueg from Electropoetry; Benjamin Gueret; Julie Billong; Angyal Gyula and last but not in the least Dominique, who spoke the most sweety Romanian I ever listened to. She is also a friend of my blog and my poetry book as she let me show you below.dominique meets my book

Dominique meets my book after coming back from the stage

(Berlin, Saturday, 3rd October, at Heimathafen -Neukölln)


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