The European Poetry Slam Night

October 3rd, 20:00, Heimathafen-Neuköln, Berlin

Yesterday night, after a first qualifying rounds in 5 differents venues in Berlin, 9 European slammers were invited to match their talents in a European final contest. The night was opened by the premiere of the multi-language performance of the artist-in-residence programme.

European Slam Contest

1. Tobi K (Germany) was the first slammer in the final. Bad poetry piece, good acting. He improvised too much and lost 2 points as a penalty.
In the second round of the night his poetry piece was still bad, but his acting brought out the house and he became one of the two winners of the first European Poetry Slam contest.

2. Jorge Vaz N looked like acting a political satire against the Portugal President of the European Commission. He bothered me with his endless „don’t give a shit…”, but there was a ripple of applause in the end.

3. Peter Waugh (Austria) put a lot of „free” in his piece: „free Irak from USA… free women from men… free man from God, free God from man… free me from alcoholism… free the waves from the beaches…”. Simply, but funny. He has lost himself one time.  

4. les deshabilleur – the name tells you everything. They were also penalized and lost 3 points.

5. dizzylez played in French. I did not understand anything from none of the two voices he played, but he acted well the part. He acted well the two parts, sorry 🙂
Dizzyle bring down the house and he was the second winner of the final.

6. Lady Gabi (from Berlin) came from a retro Hollywood scene or maybe a night club from Las Vegas

7. Id (Hungary) – a mix between a pro human rights harsh plea and an unconvincing political speech, but the public got to like him and sent him in the first five.

8. Iaan Malin (Estonia) is “the nice mad man”. He was very funny and I imagined him going straight to the top of the stage. He was stopped by the public 😦

9. Chris Tanasescu is from Romania. He was also stopped a bit early. A member of Jury gave him a totally unfair one (on a scale from 1 to 10). It was a very sad demonstration of discrimination in my opinion.

The next edition of the European Poetry Slam (maybe) must organize in Bucharest as one member of the Berlin jury was in a big impolite error! 

Let’s Slam in European!

Nine slammers and a Dj from 8 different countries took part in the artist-in-residence programme, which took place in the Ballhaus Ost. In six days they created a multi-language performance in play and music: “Lets Slam European!”. After the yesterday night premiere in Berlin, this piece will go on tour through 21 European cities in February, March and April 2010.

Dominique Ronshausen is the only one from the 9 artists who speak pretty well Romanian. It was a great pleasure for the romanian slammers to meet her in the night of the show.


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