see you in Berlin

The 1st European Poetry Slam Meeting

Where: Berlin
When: 30th September-4th October

European Poetry Slam days_front

Intending to promote the intercultural dialog on a European level, slammers from more than 15 European countries will have the opportunity to exchange and think about their art and cultural movement. This meeting will take place in the well known Heimathafen Theater.

From Romania you will meet Chris Tanasescu & MARGENTO, Peter Sragher, Ofelia Prodan and not only. I will be there too 🙂

The event is managed by Come4event in partnership with several European poets and associations of Poetry Slam.
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4 răspunsuri to “see you in Berlin”

  1. Roxana Iordache Says:

    Good luck!

  2. daniel Says:

    Thank you very much!

  3. e Says:

    tocmai cautam noul lor site si am vazut post-ul tau.

    sa ne vedem cu bine in Berlin 🙂

  4. daniel Says:

    am ajuns deja, deci o sa ne vedem sigur! 🙂

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