miss o.

on the carpet

miss o. is sitting on the carpet with
her eyes shut. when she breathes out
something soothing coils around her hands.
she holds them tight between her knees
she may be seeing something that nobody
can imagine she may be just unwillingly
sliding into a cave with
huge animals from other times

if she opened her eyes
certainly she would play freely
with the imaginary beasts.
if it weren’t that way the silence would spill
off her hands and the carpet
would slowly go over the edge
of a precipice.


like a temptation

miss O. hasn’t come out of the house for
three days. She sits quietly on the carpet,
drinks a lot of coffee and smokes
every now and then. If she opened
the windows the chilly air from outdoors
would steal into its soul like a temptation.



on the way to the cemetery an old woman
tells miss o. in a sad voice
that God loves her a lot
and is waiting for her. miss o smiles
and gets in to walk down the narrow
alleys carefully reading each epitaph.

from time to time she remembers
what the old woman told her and lightly puts
her hand over the mouth to hide her smile.
now she is standing in front of an empty grave
and as she keeps looking downwards
it seems like her limbs and her body could slowly
become numbed
and slide into the pit.

but down there miss o would
feel as quiet as an embryo
in a soft warm womb.


a new game

when she wakes up miss o. takes a careful look
at herself in the mirror. The mirror distorts
and reflects the round face of a girl
with big moist eyes. miss o.
rejoices smiles warmly and asks the girl

her name. the girl puts her finger
on her lips and whispers to miss o
that she has just learnt a new game but first she has to
go home to take her schoolbag.

miss. o puts her finger on her lips
and goes rummaging under the bed; only two minutes later
she takes out a dusty schoolbag
and from the schoolbag she triumphantly takes out a
lined notebook in which big crooked letters are written
today she is skipping school for the first time
as she is going to learn a new game.


the little prince

the little prince has moved into the next side
building. she watches him every
morning on her spyglass as he goes to the kiosk
to buy milk and tobacco.

over night the little prince
turns into a bumble bee
and comes into her room.
of course miss o is not quite sure that he is really
the little prince but she likes to watch him
very carefully as he makes some cool
looping in the air.

miss o firmly believes that one
morning he will no longer go the kiosk
to buy milk and tobacco but he will instead remain in her
room under the shape of the little prince
and they will be together all day long
and take turns watching on the spyglass
each grown-up.


Translated by Elena-Carmen Bobocescu


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